Thursday, June 23, 2011 - The Latest Spin In Social Networking

Social networking is the biggest thing to hit the internet since the internet. With sites like Facebook and Twitter, people are able to connect in ways never thought possible. Texting has gone one step further with instant updates, photos and video on what's going on in your life. Companies are able to instantly promote their product and news breaks happen within seconds. No more having to refresh on a news sit for the latest news. But what else can be done with social networking? Has it reached its limit? Not by a long shot., the latest and by far, the coolest, social networking site takes meeting new people to another level, reconnecting them thru the power of music.

The premise is simple – find a room, take a seat and start spinning your favorite tunes. Each room holds up to 5 DJ's and each of you take turns playing the song of your choice. Fans can enter the room and listen to what you're playing. Doesn't sound like a big deal? Well, it gets even better.

Fans and other DJ's can either “Lame” or “Awesome” your song selection. If too many people Lame your song, you get skipped and the next song plays from the next DJ. Anyone who “Awesomes” a song, the meter moves to the right and their avatar starts bobbing its head to the music. Get everyone bobbing their head to the music and it's really fun to watch.

The more times your songs get an “awesome” vote, the more DJ Points you earn. Use these points to upgrade your avatar. My avatar is currently at the far left, so I have a way to go. The bigger the avatar, the more time you've obviously wasted on this addicting website.

Song selection is easy. Turntable has an incredible catalog of music. Type in an artist or song and a list will pull up. You can :30 preview the song to make sure it's what you want. It's also a great way to find new songs that pop up on the list. They don't have your song? No problem. If you have the song on your computer, you can upload it to your playlist. Your playlist is easy to arrange. Just use your mouse to move songs around. A convenient “Move to top” button is available so you have your next song ready.

A “Room Info” button is available to see what songs have previously played in the room. Kill the vibe by going way outside the genre most have been playing and you'll get lamed quickly and possibly even booted from the room. Now what? No problem, browse from another list of rooms or create your own. Each room will have one or more moderators which allows you to boot anyone. Create a theme for even more fun. The other night we were only playing “Cheesy female pop songs”. It's amazing the stuff you'll hear that you haven't heard in years.

What about the music? Doesn't matter if it's edited or unedited, you can play it. There are no filters. And if another DJ plays a song you like, move your mouse over the table to highlight the choice to add that song to your Turntable queue, add it to your iTunes, add to Last FM, or Spotify. The music sharing and discovering is what makes this so much fun. There's also a chat window to communicate with others in the room. will eventually be available for mobile devices and iPad. Right now it's in beta, and the only way to get in is if someone on your Facebook friends list is already using it. But that shouldn't be too hard to find.Look for me in there under the name DJ Guapo.

Be sure to give a spin. I guarantee you'll be hooked.

Wax on.

- El Guapo