Thursday, June 16, 2011

My Reaction To The 'John Carter' Teaser Poster

My thoughts on the teaser poster Disney released for "John Carter".

My good buddy and internet friend Drew McWeeny over at Hitfix wrote a thoughtful, compelling piece on Disney's new teaser poster for their upcoming science fiction film "John Carter" based on the Edgar Rice Burroughs novels.

In Drew's opinion, the teaser poster tells audiences nothing about the film and doesn't tell you what type of movie you can expect to see. Drew wrote about the poster, "you choose to sell the movie with a picture of a guy who I vaguely recognize glowering at me in black-and-white behind some letters I don't understand."

Now, I can see the J C part of the poster, which of course stands for John Carter. The symbol at the bottom looks like an 'M' which of course could stand for "Mars" or "Movie" or "Money" which is what every studio hopes to get back when spend a lot of it making a film.

But is this the right way to introduce your movie to people? Drew doesn't think so in this excerpt:

"...when I see how Disney is kicking off their campaign, I just don't get it.  I'm not even angry about it, because I don't understand the choices they're making.  I'll put the question to you… when you look at that poster, what does it say to you?"

It says to me that there's a really pissed off dude. No wait. It says that John Carter arrives on 3.9.12 and that I should expect him to look like the guy on the poster. Or does it? Wait, now that I think about it, I have no idea what the fuck this poster means! Is it even about John Carter? Could it actually be a teaser poster for John Carter Presents: Symbols? A new historical Disney documentary to be narrated by Morgan Freeman? Could be a cartoon? Is this for ABC Family? WHAT THE HELL ARE YOU TRYING TO SELL ME DISNEY??????

You know what, Drew? I agree with you. Forget about our little Twitter fight. You are 100% correct. I have no idea what this poster says to me or what it could possibly be saying to the general public. In fact, this is all I see now when I look at it.

 Back to the drawing board.

- El Guapo