Tuesday, June 7, 2011

El Guapo Presents: The Many Faces Of Chris Klein In 'Play Dead'

It's time for another Many Faces of Chris Klein article. For this go round we take a look at Chris' 2009 masterpiece, "Play Dead".

This is my third 'Many Faces of Chris Klein' piece and while I thought I wouldn't have enough material to do more than two articles I find myself amazed how stupid I am in thinking that Chris Klein doesn't provide quality material in every single movie he's in.

Previously I explored the the talents of Mr. Klein in 2010's "Caught in the Crossfire". Before that it was 2009's "Street Fighter: The Legend of Chun-Li". 2009 seems to be a good year for Chris having done a direct-to-dvd film called Play Dead co-starring Fred Durst and Jake Busey. That's right, you're getting three piece of shit actors when you thought you were only getting one. Talk about a bonus!

In Play Dead, Chris Klein plays washed up actor Ronnie Reno (I thought it was a biopic as well) who finds himself in the middle of nowhere Nevada, trying to escape a killer and his drug crew. He calls in the assistance of his former television co-stars to help him out. The movie is as fucking stupid as you think it might be. 
What isn't stupid is Chris Klein. Chris once again walks right up to the thespian buffet table and eats everything in sight, showcasing a range of emotions that most actors, even Nicholson, could only dream of being able to emote on screen. Chris doesn't just make love to the camera, he face fucks it like a porn star.

Ladies and gentlemen I present to you - The Many Faces of Play Dead's Chris Klein

I don't care, I'm singing the shit out of this line!

Just stop, and breathe. Breathe. That's right. Now take off your pants...


Yes you are my handsome devil. What's that? You want daddy kisses?

You think I look bad, I got it right in his eye. Didn't even apologize.

Bitch, I'll kick your ass, his ass, her ass, your baby's ass, my own ass...

Screw up your lines one more time and I'll snap my own neck! I swear to Jesus I will!

I don't wanna tissue! I just wanna keep making movies!

These aren't wrinkles, my friend. They're Klein Lines.

Sorry about all the blood. Totally bit my tongue.

Don't stress, baby. Klein of the Titans is calling you next.
Play Dead is out now on DVD. Great for that first date movie night.

Wipe the blood off your face and