Friday, June 10, 2011

E3 2011: Booth Babes, Booth Babes, Silliness And Booth Babes!

E3 2011 has come and gone. What did I see while was there? Booth babes of course! Oh, and some games.

This is my 12th E3 I believe and this year's show was rather dull compared to E3's of the past. Even the booth babes looked rather bored with the exception of a few standouts. I still have no idea why the Hooters girls were there, but who gives a shit. Still, Booth babeage was down this year so I was kind of disappointed. No matter, there was still some fun stuff to see despite the run of the mill "been there, done that" category of games that seem to be coming out this year.

Enough reading, let's get to gawking! (Sorry if the pictures kind of suck. Used my iPhone.)

Went to E3 with my bud @jennabusch

The Guapo Hammer of Love. +4


Gears of War 3 statue.

Captain America's shitty ass suit to match his shitty ass game.

Glee? Not really.

If you gotta go out, might as well be by her.

Some Arkham City pics. Game looked great.


Oh, I've done much more embarrassing things than this.

She asked if I wanted a t-shirt. I punched her in the buttocks and ran off.
Lei me now, blondie

It's The Online Gamer @EPumphrey! FUCK NOOBS!

Damn girl, do some sit ups or eat light yogurt or somethin'. Shit.

I would totally hit that. No, not that one, the other one.

You're blocking the car, skanks.

Oh ya. I'm that creepy ass picture on an escalator taking guy.

Guapo and some Stormtroopers. Besties!

Hands down the best E3 babe!

Arkham City keyring. HAHA! Suck it, bitches!



I like your shoes.

She kicked my ass in Badminton. Never gonna live it down...

Wii girls showing off something, I don't know.

Getting hooter, I mean hotter in here.

How my feet felt after day 3.


The Cocoa King!

Enough candy to create an army of diabetics.

How a cracker rolls, son!
See you next year, E3.

- El Guapo